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19th ASEAN / Inaugural AAA Virtual Congress's sessions, sponsored symposiums and virtual exhibitions will be available from 5th June until 7th June 2021 for registered delegates only.



The 19th ASEAN / Inaugural AAA will be held as an entirely virtual congress:

Access to the virtual conference will be provided to registered participants only. The majority of the live streamed sessions will be available during the duration of the congress.

Registration is free. However, there will be a maximum capacity, you will be placed on a waiting list.


For all registration quiries please contact:

The Organising Commitee will not be liable for personal accidents, loss or damage to orivate property of the participants during duration of the congress. Delegates should make their own personal arrangements.


All registrants must provide the relevant details during the registration process. If the organisers are not able to establish a registrant's academic/ scientific engagement then the registration may be cancelled.